Cluster API v2.0

The CockroachDB Cluster API is a REST API that provides information about a cluster and its nodes. The API offers programmatic access to much of the information available in the DB Console user interface, enabling you to monitor and troubleshoot your cluster using your choice of tooling.

The Cluster API is hosted by all nodes of your cluster and provides information about all nodes. The API is available on the same port that is listening for HTTP connections to the DB Console. This defaults to 8080 and can be specified using --http-addr={server}:{port} when configuring your node.


The following endpoints are available as URLs under the /api/v2 base path (for example, https://localhost:8080/api/v2/health/). Additional endpoints are planned for future versions of CockroachDB.

Each listed endpoint links to its full API reference documentation.

Endpoint Name Description
/health Check node health Determine if the node is running and ready to accept SQL connections.
/nodes List nodes Get details on all nodes in the cluster, including node IDs, software versions, and hardware.
/nodes/{node_id}/ranges List node ranges For a specified node, get details on the ranges that it hosts.
/ranges/hot List hot ranges Get information on ranges receiving a high number of reads or writes.
/ranges/{range_id} Get range details Get detailed technical information on a range. Typically used by Cockroach Labs engineers.
/sessions List sessions Get SQL session details of all current users or a specified user.
/login Log in Authenticate as a SQL role that is a member of the admin role to retrieve a session token to use with further API calls.
/logout Log out Invalidate the session token.


All endpoints except /health and /login require authentication using a session token. To obtain a session token, you will need:

  • A SQL role that is a member of the admin role and has login permissions and a password. You will use these credentials with the /login endpoint to retrieve the session token which you can then use with further API calls.

To connect with the API on a secure cluster, you will need:

  • The CA cert used by the cluster or any intermediary proxy server, either in the client's cert store as a trusted certificate authority or as a file manually specified by the HTTP request (for example, using curl's cacert).


  1. Request a session token using the /login endpoint. For example:

    curl -d "username=user&password=pass" \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
  2. Record the token (session value) that is returned.

  3. Pass the token with each call using the X-Cockroach-API-Session header. For example:

    curl -H "X-Cockroach-API-Session: CIGAiPis4fj3CBIQ3u0rRQJ3tD8yIqee4hipow==" \

Versioning and Stability

Future versions of CockroachDB may provide multiple API versions and will continue to provide access to this v2.0 API until it is deprecated.

All endpoint paths and payloads will remain available within a major API version number (v2.x). Minor versions could add new endpoints but will not remove existing endpoints.

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