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The Databases page of the CockroachDB Cloud Console allows you to create, edit, and delete databases and provides details of the following:

  • The databases configured.
  • The tables in each database and the indexes on each table.
  • The grants assigned to each user.

To view this page, select a cluster from the Clusters page, and click Databases in the Data section of the left side navigation.


The Databases page shows:

The following information is displayed for each database:

Column Description
Databases The name of the database.
Tables The number of tables in the database.

Click a database name to open the Tables page.

  • Select View: Tables in the pulldown menu to display the Tables view.
  • Select View: Grants in the pulldown menu to display the Grants view.

Tables view

The Tables view shows the tables in your database.

The following information is displayed for each table:

Column Description
Tables The name of the table.
Columns The number of columns in the table.
Indexes The number of indexes in the table.
% of Live Data Percent of total uncompressed logical data that has not been modified (updated or deleted).
Table Stats Last Updated (UTC) The last time table statistics were created or updated.

Click a table name to view table details.

Table details

The table details page contains details of a table. It contains an Overview tab and a Grants tab displays the users and grants associated with the table.

Overview tab

The Overview tab displays the SQL statements used to create the table, table details, and index statistics.

The table details include:

  • Auto Stats Collection: Whether automatic statistics collection is enabled.

  • Database: The database in which the table is found.

  • Indexes: The names of the indexes defined on the table.

Index details

The Index Stats table displays index statistics for a table.

Index statistics accumulate from the time an index was created or when statistics were reset. If desired, admin users may reset index statistics for the cluster by clicking Reset all index stats. This link does not appear for non-admin users.

The following information is displayed for each index:

Column Description
Indexes The name of the index.
Total Reads The number of times the index was read since index statistics were reset.
Last Used (UTC) The time the index was created, last read, or index statistics were reset.
Index Recommendations A recommendation to drop the index if it is unused.

Grants view

The Grants view shows the privileges granted to users and roles for each database.

The following information is displayed for each table:

Column Description
Users The number of users of the table.
Grants The list of grants of the table.

For more details about grants and privileges, see GRANT.

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