CockroachDB v21.1 is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

The ALTER DATABASE statement applies a schema change to a database. For information on using ALTER DATABASE, see the pages for its relevant subcommands.


This statement performs a schema change. For more information about how online schema changes work in CockroachDB, see Online Schema Changes.


Subcommand Description
CONFIGURE ZONE Configure replication zones for a database.
CONVERT TO SCHEMA Convert a database to a schema.
OWNER TO Change the owner of a database.
RENAME Change the name of a database.
ADD REGION New in v21.1: Add a region to a multi-region database.
DROP REGION New in v21.1: Drop a region from a multi-region database.
SET PRIMARY REGION New in v21.1: Set the primary region of a multi-region database.
SURVIVE {ZONE,REGION} FAILURE New in v21.1: Add a survival goal to a multi-region database.

Viewing schema changes

This schema change statement is registered as a job. You can view long-running jobs with SHOW JOBS.

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