CockroachDB for

Manufacturing & Logistics

Manage global inventory and simplify supply chain management with a scalable, reliable solution

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Manufacturing and Logistics Use Cases

Orders and Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Modernize inventory management with a solution that can process and store heavy transactional workloads and easily expand into new regions.


Identity Access Management


Delivery Metadata Store

Consolidate data within a single store and ensure your orders are ready on time so that you consistently deliver on your promise to customers.


IoT and Device Management

Scale to accommodate heavy read/write workloads generated by devices and run analytics while guaranteeing data correctness.

Tackle transaction-heavy workloads

Managing millions of transactions per day can create significant challenges if you have the wrong infrastructure in place, and downtime is not an option when it comes to managing logistics in real-time.

Deliver fast experiences everywhere

Use a database that can provide low-latency reads and writes while guaranteeing your data is always correct and always accessible. Since all nodes act as a gateway to the database, you can allow hundreds of users to access the data at once.

Optimize and tie data to a location

Simply expand from a single cloud region to multiple cloud regions when you are ready. There’s no need to rearchitect the database to determine where data lives, use a one central database solution and partition data by location.

Maintain consistent transactions at scale

Leverage a horizontally scalable solution and eliminate the need to manually shard your database. Data consistency is guaranteed thanks to ACID SQL transactions so you can easily run critical workloads in a distributed setting.

Manufacturing and Logistics resources



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Why CockroachDB?



Scale to a global audience and guarantee consistent transactions without latency


Compliance & data privacy

Adhere to regulations and meet customers wherever they are located


Inherent high availability

Achieve data replication 3x to ensure apps and services are always on and available


Consistency & resilience

Provide customers with accurate, timely information during peak shopping times



Build on a flexible architecture with the option to deploy using microservices or Kubernetes


Automatic upgrades

Help increase your developers productivity by automating tasks with zero downtime

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