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When you're building anything from the ground up - a database, a team, a culture - your values are the very foundation of the structure. Here are the Cockroach Labs Values:
Our Values
Reach High

The world is moving faster than ever. We strive to build infrastructure that keeps pace. We value curiosity, creativity, and especially ambition.


Everyone is here because they’ve spent years studying and working hard. We approach discussions with humility and an open mind to guarantee that we’ll learn something new or appreciate a problem from a new perspective. And that in turn leads to better outcomes.


We’ve witnessed our share of both transparent and opaque corporate cultures, and we choose transparency. Everyone deserves to know what’s going on, especially when their career and livelihood are on the line.


A good work / life balance makes for happier, productive employees. After decades in the industry, we’re convinced that the best way to write the highest quality software, and keep at it year after year, is to insist on time with friends and family, a healthy lifestyle, and a generous sleep schedule.

Trust & Accountability

Flexibility in working hours and vacation is a valued and central component of our culture, and they are made possible with trust that colleagues are diligently applying themselves to the problems at hand, face-time be damned. And there’s no surer way to build trust than every “roacher” striving to hold themselves accountable to the same high standard.

Do it Right

At Cockroach Labs, we insist on building high quality, technically sound solutions. Years of building applications against the grain of database capabilities have given us a singular appreciation for doing things the right way. We’re embracing the challenge of building infrastructure that frees developers to build applications, not workarounds.

Joining the team building CockroachDB means employer-paid, AWESOME health insurance; a 401(k); commuter benefits; and lunch Monday through Thursday (the Cockroach Labs work week). Other perks include:
Culture & Benefits
Flexible Working

Having everyone at the office is our preference, but we care most about teamwork and results. If you can be productive, you are free to arrange your work schedule to meet your individual circumstances.

Food for All

Like many startups, we provide lunch throughout the Cockroach Labs work week (Monday-Thursday). And twice a month, we break early to grab dinner as a team at one of NYC's outstanding restaurants.

and Outings

Once a month we enjoy some downtime as a team, whether it’s catching the latest blockbuster, picnicking in Central Park, or strolling through a museum for inspiration.

Team Trips

Twice a year we voyage beyond Manhattan’s shores. These might be trips to the Caribbean or to the mountains. The connections made in these environments build friendships and deepen the ties which make working together fun and productive.

Flexible Time Off

Miserly vacation schedules are so…1990s. We care about productivity, not face time. Alert minds and open perspectives are our most valuable assets.

Free Fridays

One day a week, focus on what drives and motivates you outside of your core work responsibilities. Dedicate time to a community project. Spend a day at home with the kids. Work on the next super feature. We’re convinced that providing adults with time to be creative outside of their day-to-day work yields better results.