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Our team is built on four key values that guide us toward our mission: Make Data Easy

Commit to Excellence

We commit to providing solutions that demonstrate a singular focus on excellence. We take pride in what we do – aiming to reach high, break boundaries, and build to last – because striving to do our best work is its own reward.


Our story

We started Cockroach Labs to build an open source database with an architecture capable of transcending the limitations of existing solutions. There will always be an arms race between database capabilities and business requirements, and to remain in the vanguard, we must continue to advance the state of the art.

Ben Darnell, Spencer Kimball, & Peter Mattis

Establish Balance

We believe that balanced individuals produce exceptional results. Whether you find balance through time with friends and family, a healthy lifestyle, or intellectual pursuits outside of work, taking time to establish balance makes your work more productive.

Flex Fridays

Employees self-manage and focus on something outside of their core work responsibilities, ranging from a work related project to volunteering to simply spending more time with family.

Working Remotely

Roachers have the option to temporarily work from another city, state, or even country – the ultimate accommodation for work/life balance.

Flexible Hours

It is always nice to have everyone in the office, but good work is the higher priority. Our employees are free to arrange their work schedules to meet individual circumstances.

Be Transparent About
Both Highs and Lows

Everyone deserves to know what’s going on – even when it involves failures. We trust and respect our employees, our open-source community, and our customers. We believe by being transparent, we all have the opportunity to learn from one another and grow for the benefit of everyone.

Stability Post-Mortem: From 1 Node to 100 Nodes

In August, we wrote about our concerted stability effort. Today, we’ve more than achieved our CockroachDB stability goal of running a 100-node cluster.

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Exercise Based Interviews

We believe that a structured interview process with exercise based problems and the removal of resumes, we create a fairer process that leads to better hiring decisions.

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CockroachDB Beta Passes Jepsen Testing

As we prepared for CockroachDB 1.0, we wanted independent verification that CockroachDB kept its promises. We hired Jepsen author Kyle Kingsbury to review our tests, add more of his own, and run CockroachDB through his gauntlet.

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Everyone is here because they’ve spent years studying and working hard. We approach discussions with humility and an open mind to guarantee that we’ll learn something new or appreciate a problem from a new perspective. And that in turn leads to better outcomes.


Flexible Working

You are free to arrange your work schedule to meet your individual circumstances.

Food for All

We provide food throughout the Cockroach Labs work week (Mon-Thu) and grab dinner twice a month as a team at one of NYC’s outstanding restaurants.

Flex Fridays

Focus on what drives and motivates you outside of core work responsibilities. This is your day to self-manage and grow in whatever way you choose.

Learning is Good

We provide $1500 annually to support learning and development through workshops, conferences, and networking events.

Team Outings & Trips

Build friendships and deepen ties with coworkers to make working together fun and productive.

Flexible Time Off

We care about productivity, not face time. Take time off when you need it.

Health & Retirement

100% health insurance coverage for you & your dependents; One Medical membership; Gym discounts; free Citibike membership; 401(k).

Paid Parental Leave (with baby bucks)

We offer 8-12 weeks of parental leave, regardless of when you joined, plus $500 in baby bucks.

Relocation Support

Moving to NYC can be overwhelming. We help you and your family relocate to the city we call home.


If you don’t see an opening that fits but feel passionate about our mission to Make Data Easy email us.

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