Financial Ledger

Process and store 10s of millions of transactions per day with a resilient SQL database that guarantees consistency and correctness.

Asset & Risk Management

Manage and guarantee correctness for a wide variety of assets, so you can identify and resolve any risk associated with a portfolio.

Payment Processing

Process payments quickly and easily and ensure that your customers' sensitive financial data is always available and protected.

Identity Management

Authenticate customers’ access to their personal data and easily manage their transactions no matter where they are located.

Never down.
Always available.
Wherever you have customers.

Ensure your customers have continuous access to their applications, services, and private data from anywhere in the world.

Guarantee consistent transactions

Run critical workloads in a distributed setting with serializable isolation. Ensure your data is always correct while enjoying the benefits of a resilient, scalable system.

Navigate banking regulations

Adhere to data compliance measures and protect customer data. Use row-level partitioning to keep data close to users for regulatory compliance and low-latency reads and writes.

Elastic scale with inherent HA

Meet high availability expectations with a cloud-native database that is always on. Take advantage of the scale and resilience of the cloud and deploy in a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment.


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Why CockroachDB?

Financial services and banking applications require high performance, strict data correctness, and extreme resilience. CockroachDB's unique capabilities set it apart from other database solutions.


Scale to a global audience and guarantee consistent transactions without latency

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Compliance & data privacy

Adhere to regulations and meet customers wherever they are located

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Inherent high availability

Achieve data replication 3x to ensure apps and services are always on and available

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Consistency & resilience

Provide customers with accurate, timely information during peak shopping times

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Build on a flexible architecture with the option to deploy using microservices or Kubernetes

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Automatic upgrades

Help increase your developers productivity by automating tasks with zero downtime

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