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CockroachDB: Distributed SQL

Distributed SQL gives you resilient, horizontal scale across multiple clouds with always-on availability and data partitioned by location.

Global Scale

Scale Your Data, Not Operational Complexity

CockroachDB scales horizontally without reconfiguration or need for a massive architectural overhaul. Simply add a new node to the cluster and CockroachDB takes care of the underlying complexity.

  • Scale by simply adding new nodes to a CockroachDB cluster
  • Automate balancing and distribution of ranges, not shards
  • Optimize server utilization evenly across all nodes


Architect Your Data However You Want

CockroachDB allows you to deploy a database on-prem, in the cloud or even across clouds, all as a single store. It is a simple and straightforward bridge to your future, cloud-based data architecture.

  • Eliminate risk associated with a single cloud platform
  • Deploy on multiple clouds and partition data across them
  • Use the right cloud and set of services for the right job


Access Your Data, All The Time & Everywhere

CockroachDB delivers an always-on and available database designed so that any loss of nodes is consumed without impact to availability. It creates & manages replicas of your data to ensure reliability.

  • Eliminate complex, expensive backup configurations
  • Avoid arduous, annoying remediation events (Zero RPO)
  • Rolling upgrades eliminate downtime & ease updates/schema changes


Give Your Data A Location

CockroachDB is the only database in the world that enables you to attach ‘location’ to your data at the row level. This capability allows you to regulate the distance between your users and their data.

  • Ensure low latency to end-users wherever they are.
  • Pin data to a locale to comply with data protection laws.
  • Tie specific data to specific clouds or datacenters.

Architected For The Cloud

CockroachDB is a fundamentally different database.

Built from the ground up, CockroachDB delivers on the key cloud-native primitives of horizontal scale, no single points of failure, survivability, automatable operations, and no platform-specific encumbrances.

While deployable anywhere, CockroachDB is also a perfect compliment to Kubernetes.

Deployment/Get Started

A Higher Order of Consistency

CockroachDB delivers serializable Isolation in Distributed SQL

In distributed systems, it’s difficult to identify and resolve transactional conflicts. If two services try to write to the same row at the same time, what happens? Many databases will allow for a slight discrepancy and eventually resolve this issue, not CockroachDB.

CockroachDB delivers full ACID transactions at scale even in a distributed environment and guarantees serializable isolation in a cloud-neutral distributed database.

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