Supporting companies from the garage to the Fortune 500

CockroachDB will scale with you from your first users to your first billion.

Baidu uses CockroachDB to automate operations for applications that access 2TB of data with 50M inserts / day.

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Kindred is deploying CockroachDB to deliver super low latency and localized data handling.

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Bose uses CockroachDB to power its PaaS for a new series of cloud-connected audio products.

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Rubrik, a market-leader in cloud data management, is building a highly fault tolerant, strongly consistent, scale-out metadatastore using CockroachDB.

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MetroNOM is using CockroachDB to power high availability services that are globally compliant for parent MetroAG, a wholesale company with 150,000 employees operating in 32 countries.

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Tierion uses CockroachDB to power its distributed blockchain ledger, generating over 100M proofs per day.

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Heroic Labs simplifies deployment of their distributed gaming platform-as-a-service with CockroachDB.

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"Kubernetes and CockroachDB are made for each other. Now we can run everything on Kubernetes, including our database, like we've always wanted. Persistent and globally distributed Kubernetes apps are here and they work!"

MUX uses CockroachDB to deploy their database across multiple clouds and multiple regions.

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