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CockroachDB Customers Include

Top Video Streaming Service

Top 3 Global Bank

Top 3 Electronics Retailer

Top 5 Telco

LUSH & CockroachDB Dedicated

950 Stores, 49 Countries, 165K transactions per day

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“With CockroachDB, we can pick and choose where data is stored, satisfying both data sovereignty concerns and the need to have a global view of data. This is really powerful for us because it allows us to be smarter about how we handle stock. And that’s going to be a very large data set.”

- Rob Reid, Principal Engineer

CockroachDB gives Lush a global view of all their data and allows them to pin data within geographic boundaries without losing the ability to analyze that data.

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Insights Gaming on CockroachDB Dedicated

The premier collaborative coaching platform in eSports

“Previously we had to keep track of how everything interacted with everything else in the system. Which took up a lot of time and energy. Now we just define interactions within the schema. With all the extra time I’m finding that the team is more creative with our feature development.”

- Steve Lam, Lead Engineer

As the general-purpose database, CockroachDB Dedicated stores all the latency sensitive data for Insights Gaming and gives their engineers more time to focus on building features.

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