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Identity Access Management

Quickly authenticate and authorize secure access to systems and data anywhere, every time

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Supercharge access for seamless app experiences

Ensure accessibility of the user experience

Enable always-on authentication and access

Reducing risk of IAM outages starts with high availability. CockroachDB eliminates outages by automatically rerouting queries to available nodes. Identity systems always stay connected, enhancing resilience.


Scale access for machines and users

CockroachDB’s distributed nature allows companies to seamlessly adapt to machine-scale identity data and traffic without the need for complex manual sharding configurations.


Ensure data consistency for secure access

Data consistency is required to deliver a secure and compliant experience. CockroachDB’s ACID transactions ensure data integrity across all nodes, reducing the risk of data inconsistencies and enhancing compliance.


Control placement of identities and access

Deploy multi-region to achieve fast and consistent reads at the point where an identity or authorization needs verifying. CockroachDB lets you domicile identity data to comply with regional regulations and lower query latencies.

Reference architecture: High-performance permissions

This diagram is a high-level overview of a SpiceDB deployment (an open-source system for managing security-critical app permissions with CockroachDB as the distributed backend store). The request is handled by the dispatch interface and persisted into the datastore.



“We build fine-grained access management so we needed a globally distributed permissions database with strong consistency guarantees. CockroachDB gives us that guaranteed consistency. We use it as our fundamental fact storage…We also rely on CockroachDB for reliable geographic scaling and for scaling out user traffic really easily.”

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Jake Moshenko | CEO, Authzed

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