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Just How “Global” Is Amazon Aurora?

A lot of databases claim to be “global.” While there’s no official definition of this term, we think it deserves to be unpacked. If you’re evaluating products that promise global capabilities, they should have, at the bare minimum, these three…

From Intern to Full-Time Engineer at Cockroach Labs

Throughout the year, we offer internships at Cockroach Labs to give students opportunities to gain industry experience and work on challenging problems within distributed systems. Bilal Akhtar is a Member of Technical Staff at Cockroach Labs, working on the Core…

Onboarding as a Team Sport

Roachmates -- Onboarding Partners At Cockroach Labs
Transitioning to a new company isn't always comfortable. We’re making onboarding a team sport with many Roachers helping to get new hires up to speed.
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