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Guarantee accurate data for ecommerce and optimize ordering experiences with confidence.

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Optimize ecommerce from orders through fulfillment

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Serve customers 24/7

Build on a rock solid transactional system made to handle high-stakes environments. CockroachDB lets you make changes to the database without disrupting service. Meaning customers can shop ‘til they drop — but your database never will.

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Never doubt inventory counts

Your goal is to sell inventory down to zero, but never oversell. CockroachDB delivers data correctness even as you scale which mitigates issues such as oversold inventory or shopping carts with vanishing items.

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Simplify architectural complexity

Managing the status, flow, and state of inventory purchased through orders can create serious complexity. CockroachDB simplifies your architecture with a single logical database to deliver a global view of your ecommerce data.

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Capture global revenue year round

To reach global users, you need databases in multiple locations. With a multi-region deployment of CockroachDB, you can pin data to specific locations to slash user latency. And as demand spikes throughout the year, CockroachDB dynamically scales to accommodate growth.

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Reference architecture: Inventory consistency at scale

In the diagram, an online shopper takes several actions from logging in, to purchasing. Achieving this flow while maintaining consistency at scale requires the right database.


“CockroachDB gives us the ability to spin up a new region and our infrastructure just continues to work. We just balance that load to the region where their physical store is located. It’s amazingly simple.”

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Jeff Haynie | CTO

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