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Speed and correctness for payments

Fortify security and compliance

Fortify security and compliance

CockroachDB provides PCI-DSS compliance out of the box, along with advanced authentication, authorization, audit, and encryption capabilities. Rest assured, your payment data remains secure at all times.

Maximize resilience, minimize downtime

Maximize resilience, minimize downtime

Leverage a distributed architecture to ensure maximum availability, even during planned or unplanned downtime. With CockroachDB, your payment systems stay operational 24/7, powering uninterrupted revenue streams.

Scale transactions effortlessly

Scale transactions effortlessly

Say goodbye to performance bottlenecks and scalability concerns. CockroachDB scales horizontally or vertically without downtime, easily adapting to fluctuating workloads and growing transaction volumes.

Scale transactions effortlessly

Trust in strongly consistent data

CockroachDB offers strong consistency with serializable isolation, eliminating the risk of errors, double-spending, or data inaccuracies. Build an idempotent system with CockroachDB to maintain the integrity of your payment transactions and account balances.

Reference architecture: Keeping payments penny-perfect

Visualize how CockroachDB’s dramatically simple multi-region architecture enables payment systems to be highly available and strongly consistent with greatly reduced operational upkeep.

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“Transaction data is very important to us because we want our customers to have the most up-to-date record of their activity. We store that data and expose it and the correctness of that data in almost real time is extremely important to our customers.”


Scott Traver | Staff Engineer on the Application Architecture Team

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