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Sports betting, casinos, and online real-money gaming companies use CockroachDB to deliver geographic scale

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Gambling Use Cases


Sports Betting System of Record

Record every bet and parlay from a distributed user base and easily manage heavy reads and writes.

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Customization Engine

Store user metadata to make predictions about future behaviors and deliver suggested content.

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Payment Processing

Guarantee consistent transactions at scale for your most critical workloads and ensure customer bets and payouts are accurate.

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Real-Money Gaming Platform

Modernize your systems with ACID guarantees to ensure stats are always correct and up-to-date.

Deliver accurate, real-time information & scale across geographies.

For real-money gaming and sports betting companies, trust is a competitive advantage. Customer loyalty is won by ensuring your app is always performant, stats are updated in real-time, and every payout is penny-perfect. To deliver on these expectations, real-money gaming apps need an infrastructure that can...

Pin data to a location and achieve distributed, horizontal scale

Consolidate workloads within a single solution that allows you to geographically distribute data close to your customers. Deploy in a multi-cloud setting and partition data by location to scale to any region while maintaining data integrity and adhering to data privacy regulations.

Survive spikes in workloads from an influx in concurrent users

Heavy read/write workloads are no match for a consistent, distributed SQL database that can handle millions of concurrent bets in real-time. Plus, a multi-active architecture helps you survive the failure of a node, availability zone, and even an entire cloud region, keeping players in your application.

Guarantee accurate end-user data with ACID transactions

Deliver on your promise to users and provide accurate information in real-time thanks to built-in ACID compliant guarantees and serializable isolation. Even with high concurrency and competing distributed transactions, leaderboards stay up-to-date and payouts process correctly.

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Why CockroachDB?



Scale to a global audience and guarantee consistent transactions without latency


Compliance & data privacy

Adhere to regulations and meet customers wherever they are located


Inherent high availability

Achieve data replication 3x to ensure apps and services are always on and available


Consistency & resilience

Provide customers with accurate, timely information during peak shopping times



Build on a flexible architecture with the option to deploy using microservices or Kubernetes


Automatic upgrades

Help increase your developers productivity by automating tasks with zero downtime

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