Cockroach Labs is the company behind CockroachDB,

the cloud-native, distributed SQL database that provides next-level consistency, ultra-resilience, data locality, and massive scale to modern cloud applications. Companies like Comcast, Lush, and Bose are building their cloud data architectures on CockroachDB. Cockroach Labs was founded by a team of engineers dedicated to building cutting edge systems infrastructure, and has investments from Benchmark, G/V, Index Ventures, and Redpoint.

Benjamin Darnell

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Spencer Kimball

Co-Founder & CEO

Peter Mattis

Co-Founder & CTO

Peter Guagenti

Chief Marketing Officer

Isaac Wong

VP, Engineering

Jason Forget

President & Chief Revenue Officer

Nate Stewart

Chief Product Officer

Lindsay Grenawalt

Chief People Officer

Dan Hegwood

General Counsel

Lorenzo Montesi

Chief Financial Officer