Cockroach Labs is the company behind CockroachDB,

the cloud-native, distributed SQL database that provides next-level consistency, ultra-resilience, data locality, and massive scale to modern cloud applications. Companies like Comcast, Lush, and Bose are building their cloud data architectures on CockroachDB. Cockroach Labs was founded by a team of engineers dedicated to building cutting edge systems infrastructure, and has investments from Benchmark, G/V, Index Ventures, and Redpoint.

Benjamin Darnell

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Spencer Kimball

Co-Founder & CEO

Peter Mattis

Co-Founder & CTO

Peter Guagenti

Chief Marketing Officer

Isaac Wong

VP, Engineering

Jeff Miller

Chief Revenue Officer

Nate Stewart

Chief Product Officer

Lindsay Grenawalt

Chief People Officer

Dan Hegwood

General Counsel

Lorenzo Montesi

Chief Financial Officer