Simplify how businesses build and operate world-changing applications

Data-intensive applications run the world. Which means they probably run your business, too.

Every enterprise, in every corner of the market and every corner of the globe, relies on the apps they build and maintain to create competitive advantage and win customer loyalty.

Mission-critical applications deserve a database that’s up to the task.

Which is precisely what we’re building in CockroachDB: an enterprise-caliber, distributed SQL database architected to eliminate downtime, simplify operations, and enable seamless customer experiences anywhere on the planet. It’s a database that scales when others fail, to unlock opportunities others can’t.

That’s our vision. If you want to help us fulfill it, join us (we’re hiring!)

Benjamin Darnell

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Spencer Kimball

Co-Founder & CEO

Peter Mattis

Co-Founder & CTO

Isaac Wong

SVP, Engineering

Jason Forget

President & Chief Revenue Officer

Nate Stewart

Chief Product Officer

Lindsay Grenawalt

Chief People Officer

Dan Hegwood

General Counsel