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Media and Streaming

Companies of all sizes use CockroachDB to deliver an ideal customer experience to a global audience.

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Media and streaming Use Cases


Content Metadata Management

Ingest large volumes of data without performance bottlenecks. Deliver the correct content to your global user base with guaranteed consistency.


Recommendation Engine

Personalize experiences by leveraging user metadata and reduce reaction time to milliseconds to deliver immediate recommendations.


Customer System of Record

Customer interactions with your platform generate large transactional and metadata workloads, but never worry about read/write bottlenecks and ensure that your data is always available and consistent.

Orders and Inventory Management

Version Management

Build on a resilient SQL foundation and trust that you can process and store terabytes of data generated by copies, tags, files etc.

Build faster with minimal effort

Whether you are building a streaming service, monitoring an animation platform, or authenticating users to your application, you need a fully-featured database to support and scale your infrastructure.

Focus on features, not recovering from failures

Trust that you are backed by a resilient database that will survive any region failure. Give your developer teams time back to work on building new features instead of maintaining the database.

Scale to a global customer base

Simplify your architecture with a globally active-active database that can deliver low-latency access to a distributed user base without complex operations.

Keep data in sync and achieve correctness

Avoid manual manipulation of data since CockroachDB automatically rebalances and replicates data through the cluster without impacting performance and ensures data remains consistent.

“CockroachDB has really become our default. We use it anywhere where we would have traditionally said, ‘Let’s bring in Postgres’... We knew very early that success for this product looked like global scale. Really thinking about a multi-region strategy from day one [with CockroachDB] was very successful for us.”

Adam Brown

Co-Founder & Head of Infrastructure
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Case study

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Why CockroachDB?



Scale to a global audience and guarantee consistent transactions without latency


Compliance & data privacy

Adhere to regulations and meet customers wherever they are located


Inherent high availability

Achieve data replication 3x to ensure apps and services are always on and available


Consistency & resilience

Provide customers with accurate, timely information during peak shopping times



Build on a flexible architecture with the option to deploy using microservices or Kubernetes


Automatic upgrades

Help increase your developers productivity by automating tasks with zero downtime

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