Streamline application migrations to CockroachDB with improved SQL compatibility

Now it's easier for architects to migrate from traditional RDBMS to CockroachDB. 

Easier migrations with support for stored procedures and read committed

  • Leverage new support offered for PL/pgSQL and user-defined functions

  • Migrate high-concurrency PostgreSQL applications without having to add additional error checking

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Accelerate migrations and simplify operations

We’ve also added new migration tools, Postgres-compatible SQL features, and more.

De-risk, execute, and validate your database migration with MOLT tooling.

  • Preview support for live migrations using MOLT Live Migration Service

  • Choose from three cutover strategies (offline, consistent, immediate) to fit your specific needs

  • Preview support for data migration using MOLT Fetch

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Demo: MOLT Live Migration Service

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Improve the resilience of your existing infrastructure

Create a defense-in-depth approach to avoid potential human error and support business continuity goals.

Organizations with two data centers can survive full cluster failures with Physical Cluster Replication (PCR).

  • Create an exact, constantly updating replica of a primary cluster

  • Measure RPO and RTO in seconds rather than minutes

  • Improve resiliency without incurring a cross-region write-latency hit

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Video: Physical Cluster Replication in action

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Launch Webinar

What’s new in CockroachDB 23.2

Live Migration Service, PL/pgSQL support, Physical Cluster Replication & observability

1 PM ET | February 13, 2024

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Kevin Ngo

Product Manager

Dikshant Adhikari

Product Manager

NEW: Cockroach Labs is ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certified

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our commitment to cybersecurity and data protection. Cockroach Labs has officially achieved ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certification, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to securing your valuable information.

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