CockroachDB-as-a-Service on Microsoft Azure is Generally Available

CockroachDB now brings distributed SQL to all three major cloud providers.

Streamline operations with a distributed SQL database service on Azure, now Generally Available

  • Deploy CockroachDB dedicated alongside your preferred Microsoft tools and technologies.

  • Get it on the Azure Marketplace.

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Accommodate customers globally with just a few clicks

New multi-region capabilities in CockroachDB serverless, now Generally Available.

Distribute data across cloud regions in CockroachDB serverless

  • Pay only for what you use, globally.

  • Serve users while meeting latency goals.

  • Achieve continuous uptime without complexity.

  • Address data residency rules without hassle.

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Efficiency is everything! We need to be able to execute as quickly and cheaply as possible. CockroachDB greatly reduces operational overhead for our team and makes us feel confident in our ability to grow to new regions in the future.

– Director of Technology at leading FinTech company

Demo: The Art of Data Residency with CockroachDB

  • Create your own artwork through this interactive demo.

  • Learn more about multi-region and data residency in CockroachDB serverless.

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Accelerate migrations and simplify operations

We’ve also added new migration tools, Postgres-compatible SQL features, and more.

Automate and ease migrations and management

  • Migrate mission-critical applications without disrupting end-users with MOLT Live Migration Service (Preview)

  • Deeper observability support for Datadog

  • Migration support for both Oracle Golden Gate and Debezium

And that's not all!

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