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User Event System of Record

User Event System of Record

Record every user interaction and snapshot and easily manage heavy reads and writes.

Customization Engine

Customization Engine

Store metadata about users to make predictions about future behaviors and deliver suggested content.

Game Persistence Record

Game Persistence Record

Guarantee consistent transactions and ensure that users get back to the correct game state.

Platform Metadata Store

Platform Metadata Store

Collect large workloads of user-generated data and feel confident knowing it is stored in a secure environment.

Survive massive traffic spikes generated by gamers across the globe.

The gaming industry is built on delivering a great customer experience, however, user-generated content can create unpredictable workloads. Gaming and services need a modern, resilient infrastructure to support spikes in usage while still guaranteeing consistent transactions.

Scale horizontally to accommodate unpredictable workloads

Keep adding nodes to a cluster to give it more power to support large increases in gameplay without impacting performance. Scale back as needed and save on costs.

Handle in-app transactions in real-time

Use a database that can handle the traffic needed to support millions of concurrent players in real-time. Heavy read and write workloads are no match for a consistent, distributed SQL database.

Reach a distributed audience

Modernize your infrastructure and build on a distributed foundation to reach users around the world. Deploy in a multi-cloud setting and partition data by location to scale to any region and maintain compliance.


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Why CockroachDB?

Gaming applications require an cloud-native, distributed database that can effortlessly scale up and down based on demand. CockroachDB has unique capabilities that set it apart from other database solutions.

Elastic Scale

Eliminate need for complex database operations and scale whenever and wherever you want

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Built-in Survivability

Ensure uninterrupted, high- performance queries during failure of a server, rack, or region

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Familiar, consistent SQL

Use the tools and the language you use today and guarantee your data is always correct

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Global Data

Provide customers with accurate, timely information during peak shopping times

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Get Started

Get started today with CockroachDB and choose the deployment option that works best for you.