Guarantee transactional consistency at any scale

In a distributed environment, competing transactions can come from anywhere. Only CockroachDB provides the highest level of isolation (serializable) in a distributed database.

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Distributed, ACID transactions

Maintain ACID compliance while enjoying the benefits of a distributed system

Serializable isolation

Ensure your data is always correct with the highest level of isolation: serializable

Deploy systems of record

Run critical workloads like inventory management and IAM in a distributed setting

CockroachDB ensures all your data is always correct and up-to-date

ACID SQL transactions

Get guaranteed atomicity, isolation, consistency, and durability all the way down to the row level

Distributed consensus

Cutting edge distributed systems ensure your data is not only correct, but also available

Synchronous writes

Trust all copies of your data are up-to-date with synchronous writes across nodes; if one node fails, no data is lost

Write everywhere

Every node can service writes so you can scale from local to regional deployments and still guarantee data correctness

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