CockroachDB 1.0 is now available! Get more details in this blog post.


The SQL database for building global cloud services.
A world map with bright, connected nodes throughout.

Bring data closer to your users.

Improve your customer experience by deploying CockroachDB on commodity hardware close to your users. Clusters can span datacenters and even cloud providers, and performance is optimized using P2P networks to move data closer to where it’s demanded.

cockroach SQL interface

Scale massively without giving up SQL.

CockroachDB uses standard SQL to provide a familiar interface for your data. We’ve built our query engine to scale horizontally, allowing you to work with data in much larger volumes than traditional relational databases.

A cube surrounded by a connected web of circles.

Invest in data resilience, not disaster recovery.

CockroachDB automatically replicates and repairs data across nodes so you can keep your services running and your customers happy. ACID transactions ensure you avoid costly data integrity bugs without wasting time manually syncing services.

How does CockroachDB compare?
Traditional RDBMS NoSQL CockroachDB
Highly Available
Acid Transactions

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