CockroachDB 1.0 is now available! Get more details in this blog post.

Build it right.

CockroachDB is a cloud-native SQL database for building global, scalable cloud services that survive disasters.

Planning for big success?

Distributed SQL allows you to scale from the garage to the Fortune 500 using an industry-standard SQL API.

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Care about your data?

Multi-active availability enables always-on, datacenter-spanning services that survive even large-scale outages.

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Build forward-looking data architectures right, the first time.

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Better for developers.

CockroachDB enables straight-forward application development through its distributed SQL and high availability. Developers can iterate quickly without sacrificing consistency using CockroachDB’s modern SQL API, ACID transactions, and distributed query execution.

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The CockroachDB admin dashboard

Better for operators.

Protect always-on services from outages with CockroachDB’s multi-active availability designed for fully automated failover, load rebalancing, and data recovery. Minimize operator overhead with the easiest scaling story in the industry, implemented through a shared-nothing architecture composed of fully symmetric nodes and no external dependencies.

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Better for your customers.

Build for a global user base without compromising your customers’ experience. Always-on applications are enabled through capabilities like multi-active availability and synchronous, cross-datacenter replication. Deliver a low-latency experience using flexible replication controls that allow data to be stored close to customers.

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How does CockroachDB compare?
Traditional RDBMS NoSQL CockroachDB
Highly Available
Acid Transactions

CockroachDB Enterprise

CockroachDB is 100% open source and includes all features a startup needs to succeed. For companies who require more, we offer CockroachDB Enterprise.

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Help build CockroachDB

Work-life balance, company-wide transparency, and achieving the incredible are the foundations of culture at Cockroach Labs.

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Why we built CockroachDB

We launched Cockroach Labs with a clear objective: build the database we’d been itching after for years, and build it as open source.

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