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Architected for the cloud

Designed and built from the ground up to help you take advantage of the scale and resiliency of the cloud, CockroachDB delivers a distributed, cloud-native database.

Migrate apps to the cloud

Architected for the cloud, CockroachDB allows you to migrate legacy apps to the cloud

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Architect across clouds

A multi-cloud database, CockroachDB liberates your apps and services from a single cloud

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Aligned with Kubernetes

CockroachDB and Kubernetes share a common architecture and are a perfect fit

Only CockroachDB lets you deploy a database across multiple clouds


Controls where data lives, for reduced latency and regulatory compliance


Each CockroachDB node is deployed in a pod and managed with StatefulSets

Helm chart available

Deploy in minutes on Kubernetes using our simple Helm chart

Prometheus integration

A native integration with CockroachDB exposes database stats and cluster info

Ready to get started?

Launch a free 30-day CockroachCloud cluster today

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