Assign data a location

Whether you need to tie data to a location for performance or compliance, CockroachDB is the only database that provides this capability.
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Reduce latencies, improve app performance

Tie data to locations so you can reduce global latencies and meet your customer expectations for performance

House data close to customers

CockroachDB decreases latency by storing data close to your customers, even when they’re traveling

Comply with global data privacy regulations

Define the physical location where every row is stored, to meet many global privacy and compliance measures

CockroachDB is the only database that assigns data a location


Use row-level controls to keep data close to users for low-latency reads and writes and regulatory compliance

Hotspot detection

Automatically detect pockets of activity and move data closer to where it's needed, without operator intervention

Distribution of data

Use “replication zones” to control the number and location of specific sets of data - from cluster-wide to row-level

Locality-aware CBO

CockroachDB’s Cost-Based Optimizer serves low-latency, consistent, and current reads from the closest data

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