Serve customers everywhere

Start small and grow to meet your users no matter where they are, all with a single database.

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Deliver fast experiences everywhere

Provide low-latency reads and writes everywhere so you can meet customer expectations for performance.

Survive complete region outages

Set your database’s survival goals so it can continue serving reads and writes even during a region failure.

Comply with domiciling laws

Distribute and store data within geographic regions to comply with data domiciling regulations like GDPR.

With CockroachDB, optimize and tie data to a location

Single and multi-region data

Begin by storing data in a single cloud region, and expand to multiple cloud regions as needed, all with a single CockroachDB deployment.

Customized read/write latencies

Define your read/write latency requirements for tables with simple SQL commands, and CockroachDB distributes data under the covers.

High availability options

With just a few SQL statements, define survival goals for your databases so they handle AZ or region loss without impact to performance.

No need to change your application

Simply deploy your app to multiple regions without the need for rearchitecting or complex logic to determine where data lives.

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