Highly Available, Resilient Data

Ensure uninterrupted, high performance queries during failure of a server, rack or region

Set availability goals at the database, table or row level

Avoid costly and complex failures and data loss

Eliminate planned and unplanned downtime

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Maintain availability during failures

CockroachDB was architected to survive lost nodes without impacting data availability

  • 3x data replication: When one replica is lost, remaining replicas continue serving reads and writes
  • Self-healing infrastructure: data automatically rebalances when a node is lost and heals when you add back a node
Avoid data loss

Active-active availability

Avoid data loss

Eliminate the data loss, complexity, and cost that comes with an active-passive backup setup. In CockroachDB, writes occur concurrently across replicas of your data, so even if you lose a replica, you don’t lose data.

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Set custom survival and availability goals

Customized survival

Set custom survival and availability goals

Different databases often have different availability requirements. With just a few declarative SQL statements, define survival goals for your databases so they handle availability zone or region loss without impact to performance.

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Eliminate planned downtime

Online rolling upgrades

Eliminate planned downtime

Never schedule a maintenance window again. CockroachDB’s live rolling upgrades feature lets you take down one node at a time for upgrades while the database continues serving reads and writes.

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Distributed backup and restore

Distributed backup and restore

Distributed backup and restore

Ensure you’re ready for worst-case-scenario with backup and restore functionality that scales with your data, distributed across all nodes in your cluster. Get full and incremental backups, scheduled backups, and point in time recovery.

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