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Free online learning platform covering distributed databases, cloud-native applications, general purpose SQL databases & much more!

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Getting Started

  • Spin up a CockroachDB cluster 
  • Build an app on a horizontally scalable, cloud-native database
  • Connect with both the SQL shell and an example application
  • Monitor cluster status and activity 
  • Perform transactions with strict ACID guarantees
  • Observe the cluster healing itself during node failure 

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Courses are taught by in-house training experts who guide, challenge, and help 

students apply concepts to realistic exercises.

What to expect:

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Cockroach Labs donates $3 to Women Who Code for everyone who enrolls in Cockroach University. Once you pass the final exam, not only will you get a certificate of completion, but we’ll mail you a goodie bag filled with Cockroach Labs swag

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