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Cockroach Labs University

Getting Started

Courses are taught by in-house training experts who guide, challenge, and help students apply concepts to realistic exercises.

What to expect:

Spin up a CockroachDB Cluster
Build an app on a horizontally scalable, cloud-native database
Connect with both the SQL shell and an example application
Monitor cluster status and activity
Perform transactions with strict ACID guarantees
Observe the cluster healing itself during node failure

Course 2 : For Python Developers

Our latest course walks students through how to build a full-stack vehicle-sharing app in Python using the popular SQLAlchemy ORM.

What to expect:

Deploy a free CockroachDB cluster on CockroachCloud
Design your CockroachDB schema in SQL
Model your data's schema in Python
Perform transactions such as adding, removing, and updating rows
Take advantage of CockroachDB's rich data types
Optimize your queries with indexes for efficient filtering and sorting

Certificate of Completion

Once you pass the final exams, you will earn an industry-recognized Certificate of Completion that you can add to LinkedIn!

Get free Cockroach Swag!

Once you pass the final exam for the Getting Started course, we’ll mail you a goodie bag filled with Cockroach Labs swag.

If you post your For Python Developers Certificate of Completion on LinkedIn, you will be entered to win a custom Cockroach Labs backpack.

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