Simple, consistent SQL

Use the tools and the language you use today and guarantee your data is always correct

Use standard SQL and tools to query, analyze, and optimize

Guarantee highly performant, correct transactions at any scale

Update schema with zero downtime in production

Use powerful and elegant SQL

Get all the capabilities you expect from a powerful SQL database, wire compatible with PostgreSQL

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Easily find and fix problematic queries

Introspect and optimize queries with a strong set of native tools


Command line: Run commands like EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE to understand query plans and performance

Guarantee consistent transactions

ACID transactions

Guarantee consistent transactions

Trust your data is immediately correct at any scale with ACID compliant guarantees and serializable isolation--even with high concurrency and competing distributed transactions

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Update schema without downtime

Online schema changes

Update schema without downtime

Make any schema changes while your data is still available for reads and writes, with zero downtime, even in production.

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Get advanced distributed query optimization and execution

Cost-based optimizer

Get advanced distributed query optimization and execution

Leverage a first-class query optimizer which analyzes and automatically selects the most optimal query execution plan for best performance in a distributed environment.

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Code the way you want

Developer tool integrations

Code the way you want

Use your favorite drivers, ORMs, and other third-party developer tools, enabled by CockroachDB’s support for the PostgreSQL wire protocol.

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Master your SQL skills for free

Free Online Training

Master your SQL skills for free

Learn the SQL skills you need to scale your database and your resume straight from industry experts.

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