Familiar SQL for your applications and services

CockroachDB implements a standard PostgreSQL API so it works with your current applications, aligns with your development approach, and empowers your DBAs.

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Use current tools/ORMS

Wire compatible with PostgreSQL, CockroachDB works with your existing and new apps

Familiar, standard SQL

Developers gain the benefits of distributed SQL without learning new skills


CockroachDB provides expected database management and query optimization tooling

CockroachDB delivers a powerful set of SQL features

Native JSON support

Store semi-structured data for business flexibility without sacrificing consistency

Postgres wire compatible

Use familiar relational concepts via most available PostgreSQL tools

Online schema changes

Update table schema without downtime or negative consequences on your app

ACID SQL transactions

Get guaranteed row-level atomicity, isolation, consistency, and durability

Spatial Data

Use spatial data in a distributed database for location based applications

Partial & secondary Indexes

Improve workload performance using powerful indexes

Materialized Views

Cache query results in-memory and only update when necessary

Cost-Based Optimizer

Get guaranteed row-level atomicity, isolation, consistency, and durability

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