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Scale out for massive deployments

Scale your database elastically to support growing or shrinking workloads. CockroachDB servers automatically rebalance and replicate themselves, keeping your system online and available no matter how big it grows.


Need better performance? Add more machines

If you need to support higher request volumes, simply add more machines. This approach allowed CockroachDB to be 10x more scalable than Amazon Aurora on the industry standard TPC-C benchmark.

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Never choose between consistency and scale

Many distributed databases force you to sacrifice data correctness in order to scale. CockroachDB delivers 2ms reads and 4ms writes while guaranteeing the strictest level of data correctness — serializability — the highest isolation level in the SQL standard.

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Scale Your App & Remain GDPR Compliant

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Case Study

Serving 40TB of data & processing 100,000 QPS

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