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Scale data, not operational complexity

Scale your database by simply adding new nodes and avoid any manual manipulation of data. CockroachDB automatically rebalances and replicates your data throughout the cluster.

No need for manual sharding

CockroachDB automatically rebalances and distributes ranges (shards) across a cluster

Scales intelligently

CockroachDB distributes data to avoid failure domains and help address heavy workloads

Expand as needed

Begin with a small configuration, then expand later and still maintain performance

CockroachDB eases scale and simplifies global deployments

Automated scale

Automatic and continuous rebalancing of data between nodes eliminates the pain of manual sharding

Multi-active availability

Progress can be made as long as a majority of nodes is available, preventing RTO if a node goes down

Multi-cloud deployments

Run CockroachDB across multiple cloud platforms, or hybrid across clouds and on-prem data centers

Distributed backup/restore

Back up your full cluster to services like AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or NFS for the unlikely case you need to restore data

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