Elastic, Efficient Scale

Eliminate need for complex database operations and scale whenever and wherever you want

Gain simple, automated horizontal scale for reads and writes

Eliminate toil of manual sharding

Start small and grow as you need

Eliminate write bottlenecks

Horizontal scale for reads and writes

Eliminate write bottlenecks

Every node can service both reads and writes so that you can scale query throughput and database capacity by simply adding more endpoints.

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Never manually shard again

Automated rebalancing

Never manually shard again

Just add new nodes to CockroachDB, and it automatically rebalances data, completely removing the pain of manual sharding.

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Maintain performance under demand

Hotspot detection

Maintain performance under demand

As demand shifts, CockroachDB detects hotspots and intelligently distributes data to maintain performance.

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Obtain low latencies for all queries

Tune geo-distributed queries

Obtain low latencies for all queries

Tune your database at the row level so that data lives close to your users and you can minimize query latency no matter where your audience is on the planet.

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