Relational Data Problems: Doubble Dating Application Architecture

Mattias Siø Fjellvang

CTO & Co-Founder at Doubble

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Mattias Siø Fjellvang, CTO and Co-Founder of Doubble, joins to discuss the technical challenges he’s faced while building a “double dating” application. Mattias discusses tech stack decisions, developing with a completely distributed team, and the incredible month-to-month growth of the application.

Mattias talks about what it was like for ‘a React guy’ to develop using Dart and Flutter. Taking a prototype built on MongoDB and flipping it to CockroachDB to solve the scalability, reliability, and data compliance issues challenges. 

Join as we discuss: 

  • The application design of a double-dating application
  • CockroachDB vs Mongo
  • The use of Github’s co-pilot development
  • How Doubble handles downtime

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