Stories from an SRE: How Hans Knecht builds better developer experiences

Hans Knecht

Cloud Consultant at Knechtions Consulting (Ex: Capital One; Ex: Mission Lane)

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“My goal is to basically be AWS, but for the developers in the sense that like, my five man SRE team can support 10 developers, it can support 1000 developers” - Hans Knecht, Platform Engineer

Hans Knecht has over 10+ years in the industry at companies including Mission Lane and Capital One. Whether he is designing self-serving platforms, creating comprehensive documentation, or providing technical recommendations, his efforts ultimately help developers take the tedium out of building great applications.

Join as we discuss:

  • The importance of good documentation, and why the phrase “They don’t quit a bad job, they quit a bad manager” can also apply to platforms with poor documentation.
  • The terrifying moment when a mistake in a piece of code was pushed to production (And how his team got everything back up and running).
  • Why technical conversations are actually business conversations.
  • Why Hans thinks everyone should learn Kubernetes.

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