Innovation and Disruption: How Materialize pioneered a new era in data streaming

Arjun Narayan

Co-Founder and CEO at Materialize

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We delve into the journey of Arjun Narayan, Co-Founder and CEO of Materialize, a streaming SQL database for real-time applications, live dashboards, and streaming data pipelines. He shares his personal experiences in the field of data analytics, his fascination with distributed systems, and his passion for working with databases. 

Arjun shares how his mind was blown by the Spanner paper back in 2012 and its impact on prevailing notions of weak isolation and consistency. We also explore the challenges of building complex systems, the evolution of streaming systems, and the practical applications of Materialize in real-world scenarios.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How Materialize simplifies the communication of its technology to users
  • The value of Materialize’s join capability
  • The challenges of streaming and the importance of state management
  • How to survive backlash from Hacker News comments

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