Can I take your order? Building conversational AI to improve the customer experience

Akshay Kayastha

Senior Engineering Manager at ConverseNow

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Indecisiveness at the drive-through is just one of the many factors that ConverseNow’s conversational AI software for restaurants has to design for. To see what tools, programming languages, and more go into enabling a successful automated food order, we sat down with Akshay Kayastha, Senior Engineering Manager at ConverseNow.

Join as we discuss:

  • How to design systems with good customer service as the key objective.
  • Tackling technical challenges in speech-to-text transcription such as low audio quality, background noises, and more.
  • Building for Super Bowl scale while achieving low latency.
  • Why Akshay’s team took a Kubernetes-first approach from Day 1.

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