What's New in v19.2.10

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

August 24, 2020

This page lists additions and changes in v19.2.10 since v19.2.9.

  • For a comprehensive summary of features in v19.2, see the v19.2 GA release notes.
  • To upgrade to the latest production release of CockroachDB, see this article.

A denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability is present in CockroachDB v19.2.0 - v19.2.11 due to a bug in protobuf. This is resolved in CockroachDB v19.2.12 and later releases. When upgrading is not an option, users should audit their network configuration to verify that the CockroachDB HTTP port is not available to untrusted clients. We recommend blocking the HTTP port behind a firewall.

For more information, including other affected versions, see Technical Advisory 58932.


Cockroach Labs has discovered a bug relating to incremental backups, for CockroachDB v19.2.0 - v19.2.12. If a backup coincides with an in-progress index creation (backfill), RESTORE, or IMPORT, it is possible that a subsequent incremental backup will not include all of the indexed, restored or imported data.

Users are advised to upgrade to v20.1.15 or v20.2.8 or later, which includes resolutions.

For more information, including other affected versions, see Technical Advisory 63162.

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-unstable:v19.2.10

Bug fixes

  • Fixed "column not in input" internal error in some corner cases. #50860
  • Previously, CockroachDB could crash when internal memory accounting hit a discrepancy. Now it will report an error instead. #51015
  • Fixed incorrect results in some cases involving joins on interleaved tables with limits. #51435
  • Previously, CockroachDB could hit an internal error when executing regexp_replace builtin. This has been fixed. #51348
  • Previously, CockroachDB could hit a "command is too large" error when performing an UPSERT operation with many values. Internally, we attempt to perform such operation by splitting it into "batches", but the batching mechanism was broken. This has been fixed. #51612
  • CockroachDB previously could crash on some queries with merge joins. This has been fixed. #52074
  • Fixed an internal error that could occur when an aggregate function argument contained a correlated subquery with another aggregate function referencing the outer scope. This now returns an appropriate user-friendly error, "aggregate function calls cannot be nested". #52141
  • Previously, subtracting months from a TIMESTAMP / TIMESTAMPTZ or DATE whose date value is greater than 28 could subtract a further year off. This has been fixed. #52155
  • Large write requests no longer have a chance of erroneously throwing a "transaction with sequence has a different value" error. #52268
  • Previously, CockroachDB could return incorrect results on query that encountered a ReadWithinUncertaintyInterval error. This has been fixed. #52252
  • Previously, CockroachDB would erroneously restart the execution of empty, unclosed portals after they had been fully exhausted. This has been fixed. #52444
  • Previously, executing a large number of statements in a transaction without committing could crash a CockroachDB server. This has been fixed. #52403

Performance improvements

  • Queries no longer block during planning if cached table statistics have become stale and the new statistics have not yet been loaded. Instead, the stale statistics are used for planning until the new statistics have been loaded. This improves performance because it prevents latency spikes that may occur if there is a delay in loading the new statistics. #52189


This release includes 24 merged PRs by 9 authors.

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