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What’s New in CockroachDB 19.2

Published Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

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What’s New in CockroachDB 19.2: Stronger Performance in Geographically Distributed Settings

CockroachDB 19.2 improves performance for geographically-distributed (and single-region) architectures. On November 19, 2019, VP of Education Jesse Seldess will discuss and demo of some of the exciting new capabilities of 19.2 including:
  • Decreased transaction latency: An entirely unique capability called “parallel commits” that pushes the bounds on distributed transactions, halving all latencies.
  • Faster & more efficient query execution: Vectorized execution is a query optimization that uses a columnar orientation to increase performance. It’s now the default, and in addition, all queries now use the Cost Based Optimizer.
  • Improved user experience for zone configurations: zone configurations designate replication (and for Enterprise, they allow you to assign location to row-level data). You can now set up zone configs via a single command and have more visibility into existing configurations


Jesse Seldess
Jesse Seldess
VP of Education
Meagan Goldman
Meagan Goldman
Product Marketing Manager

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