October 21, 2019

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-unstable:v19.2.0-rc.1

SQL language changes

  • INTERVAL(6) is now supported as an alias for INTERVAL, for compatibility with third-party tools. #41447
  • Added the pg_available_extensions table, for compatibility with third-party tools. #41447
  • The pg_attrdef() and pg_get_indexdef() built-in functions no longer include type annotations on default expressions, and pg_get_indexdef() now includes the index method in the returned CREATE INDEX statement, for compatibility with third-party tools. #41447

Bug fixes

  • The generate_subscripts() built-in function now behaves properly on int2vector and oidvector types. #41447
  • Fixed a bug causing the cluster_logical_timestamp() built-in function to sometimes return incorrect results. #41439
  • Prevented an unlikely race condition where a WAL pending recycling could be deleted, leading to a crash. This bug was present in past 19.2 alphas/betas only, not in any earlier release. #41523

Performance improvements

  • Metadata queries that use the 'string'::regclass form are now much more efficient in the presence of a large number of tables. #41447
  • The pg_get_coldesc() built-in function now retrieves comments more efficiently. #41447

Doc updates


This release includes 12 merged PRs by 10 authors.

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