What's New in v21.2.0-beta.3

October 04, 2021

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The CockroachDB executable for Windows is experimental and not suitable for production deployments. Windows 8 or higher is required.

Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-unstable:v21.2.0-beta.3

SQL language changes

  • SHOW JOBS will now include the newly added columns from crdb_internal.jobs (last_run, next_run, num_runs, and execution_errors). The columns capture state related to retries, failures, and exponential backoff. #70791

DB Console changes

  • On the Statement Details page, CockroachDB now shows info not yet sampled as unavailable, instead of with a value of 0. #70569
  • On the EXPLAIN plan tab in the Statement Details page, users can now hover over underlined EXPLAIN plan attributes to get tooltips with more information on the attribute. #70631
  • Persisted statements are now enabled for tenants. In the Statements and Transactions pages, users now view the aggregated statistics for statements and transactions over a date range. A date range selector is present in both pages in order to select the range of persisted stats to view. Note that the two pages share a single date range. #70777
  • Removed last cleared status from the Statements, Transactions, and Transaction Details pages and updated the tooltip on clear SQL stats to indicate it will also clear the persisted data. #70777
  • For URLs on the Statement Details page, the app name and database name are now query string parameters. The route to statement details is now definitively /statement/:implicitTxn/:statement?{queryStringParams}, e.g., statement/true/SELECT%20city%2C%20id%20FROM%20vehicles%20WHERE%20city%20%3D%20%241?database=movr&app=movr #70804

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem where the TPC-C workload, when used in a multi-region setup, did not properly assign workers to the local partitions. #70613
  • Fixed styling issues in the tooltip text on the Statements and Transactions pages' table columns. #70650
  • Fixed a bug where EXPLAIN (VEC) on some queries could lead to a crash. The bug was present only in v21.2 testing releases. #70524
  • The Statements and Transactions pages are now able to display and reset persisted SQL stats. #70777
  • Fixed a bug where the exit status of the cockroach command did not follow the previously-documented table of exit status codes when an error occurred during the command startup. Only errors occurring after startup were reported using the correct code. This bug had existed ever since reference exit status codes were introduced. #70676


This release includes 26 merged PRs by 18 authors.

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