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Cockroach Labs Opens Engineering Office in India, Unleashing New Opportunities for Growth

We have officially started our expansion in India, marking a significant milestone in our global growth strategy. The move to India reflects our continued recognition of global talent and the country’s immense strategic potential to position our distributed SQL database to be used across the world.

 Spencer Kimball

Spencer Kimball

Mar 4, 2024



How we celebrate Pride year-round at Cockroach Labs

CREWS (Cockroach Employees Who Support) are groups intended to create an inclusive environment for Roachers (Cockroach Labs employees) from underrepresented backgrounds and help employees connect with their peers on a deeper level. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one such group: Roacher Pride


Charlie Custer

June 20, 2023



Inc. Magazine honors Cockroach Labs on Best Workplaces List 2023

The last year has been a year of growth for Cockroach Labs for many different reasons. We grew in size, maturity, and knowledge. The strength and resilience of our community continue to be the bond that keeps our fire ignited and propels us forward.

Lindsay Grenawal

Lindsay Grenawalt

May 9, 2023

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5 career tips from women crushing it in B2B tech sales

The enterprise sales team at Cockroach Labs is filled with women who are crushing their goals. Here is a quick look into a few of their career growth stories, the challenges they faced along the way, and their advice for other women looking to join the field.

Megan Mueller

Mar 8, 2023



What do you think of the name "CockroachDB"?

Our parents think we work for an extermination company. Accountants do double-takes. Allergists are intrigued. Homeland security agents have extra questions. Delivery drivers make quick, frightened visits to our floor (some refuse to come up at all!). At conferences people want to know why cockroach and we say, “…because it’s the database you can’t kill…” and the heads nod. CockroachDB is a polarizing name. But software engineers get it.


Dan Kelly

Feb 8, 2023

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Cockroach Labs Wins in Six Categories on Built In’s Best Places to Work!

Built In today announced that Cockroach Labs won in six categories on its 2023 Best Places To Work Awards. We were recognized on all of the lists we were eligible and nominated for including: - New York City Best Midsize Places to Work - New York City Best Places to Work - San Francisco Best Midsize Places to Work - San Francisco Best Places to Work - U.S. Best Midsize Places to Work - U.S. Best Places to Work

Lindsay Grenawal

Lindsay Grenawalt

Jan 11, 2023



Happy birthday, amazing Grace Hopper

Lt. Grace Hopper at the programming console for the Mark I computer, 1944. Programming the Mark I required feeding in long rolls of paper punched with holes that the computer translated into instructions. Back in the days before startups and GitHub and nerds being cool — long before the Internet, and only shortly after there were “computing machines” at all — Grace Hopper was the first person to see that these room-sized citadels of circuitry could do more than mathematical calculations. Grace Hopper theorized and then wrote the first compiler, essentially “teaching” computers to speak English and thereby ushering in the world of computing that we know today.

 Michelle Gienow

Michelle Gienow

Dec 8, 2022

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Why I joined Cockroach Labs (and why I’ve stayed)

As I’ve written before, I had a number of great job opportunities when I was finishing up my PhD at MIT five years ago. Choosing which offer to accept was difficult, but in the end I was confident in my decision to join Cockroach Labs. The fact that I’m still here nearly five years later is an indication that not only did I make the right decision about where to start my post-graduate career, but the company has continued to be a place that both excites and challenges me in ways I didn’t anticipate back then. This blog post describes my journey to Cockroach Labs and why I’m still excited to go to work every day (hint: it has everything to do with people and nothing to do with insects).

Rebecca Taft

Sept 9, 2022

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4 beginner-friendly coding livestreams to learn programming

These past two years have been a kind of golden age code livestreams. Stuck at home, developers took to their OBS setups to share their coding projects with their peers. And viewers tuned in to watch a fellow developer struggle through a programming issue, get stuck, google things, and eventually figure things out, and found their coding communities in the process.

Amruta Ranade

Amruta Ranade

June 30, 2022



Roacher Spotlight: Aika Zikibayeva thrives on the small and mighty

My name is Aika Zikibayeva and I am a Partner Marketing Manager at Cockroach Labs. I am part of the Product Marketing team, yet in my day-to-day responsibilities, I maintain a tight-knit collaboration with the Channels & Alliances team.

Devonaire Ortiz

Mar 23, 2022