What's New in v21.2.0-beta.2

September 27, 2021

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The CockroachDB executable for Windows is experimental and not suitable for production deployments. Windows 8 or higher is required.

Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-unstable:v21.2.0-beta.2

Security updates

  • SQL tenant servers will now use a TLS certificate for their HTTP server when it's present. Previously this server never used TLS. #70056

SQL language changes

  • The query logging enabled by sql.telemetry.query_sampling.enabled now avoids considering SQL statements issued internally by CockroachDB itself. #70358
  • IMPORT INTO now supports UDT for default and computed columns. #70270
  • IMPORT INTO regional by row tables is now supported. #70270

Operational changes

  • The meaning of the recently introduced transaction_rows_written_err and transaction_rows_read_err (as well as the corresponding _log variables) have been adjusted to indicate the largest number of rows that is still allowed. In other words, originally reaching the limit would result in an error, and now only exceeding the limit would. #70014

Command-line changes

  • It is now possible to mix and match severity filters for different channels on a single log sink. For example:

    file-groups:    monitoring:      channels: {WARNING: [OPS, STORAGE], INFO: HEALTH}

    This defines a single file sink "monitoring" which captures all messages from the HEALTH channel, and only messages at severity WARNING or higher from the OPS and STORAGE channels.

    Another example:

    file-groups:    default:       channels: {INFO: all except STORAGE, WARNING: STORAGE}

    This captures all messages on all channels except the STORAGE channel, plus the messages at severity WARNING or higher from STORAGE. Note: the previous syntax remains supported. When channel is specified without explicit severities, the filter attribute is used as the default (like previously). #70411

  • The default logging configuration now redirects the HEALTH logging channel to a distinct log file (cockroach-health.log). #70411

  • The default logging configuration now redirects the output on the SQL_SCHEMA channel to a new separate file group sql-schema (cockroach-sql-schema.log), and the PRIVILEGES and USER_ADMIN channels to a new separate file group security (cockroach-security.log). The new security group has the auditable flag set. As previously, the administrator can inspect the default configuration with cockroach debug check-log-config. #70411

  • The server logging configuration now also includes a copy of messages from all logging channels at severity WARNING or higher into the default log file. This ensures that severe messages from all channels are also included in the main log file used during troubleshooting. #70411

DB Console changes

Bug fixes

  • Columns that were hidden by default were not being displayed when selected. This commit fixes the behavior. #70054
  • Fixed all broken links to documentation. #70063
  • Temporary tables were not properly cleaned up for tenants. This is now fixed. #70129
  • DNS unavailability during range 1 leaseholder loss will no longer cause significant latency increases for queries and other operations. #70135
  • Last Execution Timestamp is now properly updating. #70297
  • Fixed a bug in full cluster restores where dropped descriptor revisions would cause the restore to fail. #70368
  • Default columns were displayed on the Statements page on the CockroachCloud console when the user never made any selection. This is now fixed. #70206
  • cockroach mt start-proxy now appropriately sets the .ServerName member of outgoing TLS connections. This allows the proxy to function appropriately when the --insecure and --skip-verify CLI flags are omitted. #70290


This release includes 44 merged PRs by 22 authors.

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