March 12, 2018

This release includes several bug fixes and stability improvements.

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General Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented disruptions in performance when gracefully shutting down a node. #23302
  • Fixed a zero QPS scenario when gracefully shutting down a node. #23306
  • Fixed a panic caused by empty COCKROACH_UPDATE_CHECK_URL or COCKROACH_USAGE_REPORT_URL environment variables. #23008
  • The conversion from INTERVAL to FLOAT now properly returns the number of seconds in the interval. #22893
  • Fixed a bug that caused queries of virtual tables with an explicit database name prefix (e.g. select * from mydb.crdb_internal.tables) to not get scrubbed properly in diagnostics reporting. #22815
  • A COMMIT reporting an error generated by a previous parallel statement (i.e., RETURNING NOTHING) no longer leaves the connection in an aborted transaction state. Instead, the transaction is considered completed and a ROLLBACK is not necessary. #22814
  • Fixed an issue with stale buffer data when using the binary format for ARRAY values. #22262
  • Fixed a bug that caused SQL connection errors during node startup. #22663
  • Fixed a bug that included decommissioned nodes in cluster stats aggregates. #22864


This release includes 12 merged PRs by 11 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • Xudong Zheng

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