This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Please use one of these supported versions.

Jan 8, 2018

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SQL Language Changes

  • For compatibility with PostgreSQL, the transaction isolation level, transaction priority, and transaction status session variables have been renamed transaction_isolation, transaction_priority, and transaction_status. #20301
  • The IMPORT statement now supports 201 and 204 return codes from HTTP storage. #20516

Command-Line Changes

  • Client cockroach commands that use SQL (cockroach sql, cockroach node ls, etc.) now print a warning if the server is running an older version of CockroachDB than the client. Also, this and other warning messages are now clearly indicated with the "warning:" prefix. #20945
  • The cockroach sql command no longer fails when the server is running a version of CockroachDB that does not support the sql_safe_updates session variable. #20945
  • The cockroach sql command now performs client-side syntax checking automatically only if the client and server are running the same version of CockroachDB. This restriction will be lifted in CockroachDB v2.0. #21135
  • Reduced temporary disk space usage for the debug compact command. #20502

Bug Fixes

  • Improved rebalancing to make thrashing back and forth between nodes much less likely, including when localities have very different numbers of nodes. #20934
  • Fixed a scenario where a range that is too big to snapshot can lose availability even with a majority of nodes alive. #20906
  • Fixed a replica corruption that could occur if a process crashed in the middle of a range split. #20939
  • Fixed an issue where seemingly irrelevant error messages were being returned for certain INSERT statements.#20855
  • Crash details are now properly copied to the log file even when a node was started with --logtostderr as well as in other circumstances when crash details could be lost previously. #20842
  • Fixed an issue where wildcards (_, %) and \ escaped characters in LIKE patterns were not handled properly. #20654
  • Fixed the return type signature of the array_positions() built-in function. This caused a crash if the function was used in query execution by the distributed execution engine. #20652
  • Fixed a crash caused by null collated strings. #20648
  • Fixed a crash caused by NATURAL JOINS and USING in conjunction with a filter. #20582
  • Fixed build when new versions of libgtest are installed. #20598
  • Fixed a crash caused by an edge-case when queries are run against a table undergoing a schema change. #20541
  • Fixed a race condition that would result in some queries hanging after cancellation. #20534
  • Fixed a crash caused by some corner-case queries containing ORDER BY. #20512
  • Prevented generating empty sstables at the storage layer, which could cause corruption. #20284
  • Fixed a crash caused by cockroach dump in the presence of reference cycles. #20283
  • It is no longer possible to use conflicting AS OF SYSTEM TIME clauses in different parts of a query. #20286
  • Improved S3 resiliency during BACKUP/RESTORE/IMPORT. #21003

Performance Improvements

  • Improved garbage collection of very large transactions and large volumes of abandoned write intents. #20446

Enterprise Edition Changes

Doc Updates

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