What's New in v1.1.2

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

Nov 2, 2017

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SQL Language Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Reverted the default behavior of DROP DATABASE to CASCADE for compatibility with PostgreSQL, some schema migration tools, and CockroachDB v1.0. #19209

  • Fixed a bug preventing crash reports from being submitted with anonymous diagnostics details. #19563

  • Important errors such as "writes: no space left on device" are now included in crash reports. #19314

  • The cockroach dump command now properly supports ARRAY values and primary keys named other than "primary". #19526 #19400

  • It is now possible to use AWS S3 buckets in any region for IMPORT and enterprise BACKUP and RESTORE. #19473

  • Reduced unnecessary log messages when a cluster becomes temporarily unbalanced, for example, when a new node joins. #19494

  • Fixed a bug causing redundant log messages when running SHOW TRACE FOR. #19469

  • ARRAY values containing strings with multiple consecutive escapes are now parsed properly. #19452

  • Fixed a bug causing certain queries with ORDER BY to return incorrectly ordered results when the ordering columns contain NULL values. #19419

  • Fixed NATURAL JOIN operations (where the join clause is implicit based on the common columns in the tables being joined) when one side of the join is a subquery. #19544

  • Improved the handling of errors during range splits. #19448

  • Fixed a bug causing correctness problems when nodes run out of disk. #19447

  • Fixed a bug causing the decommissioning process to hang when the target node is already decommissioned. #19279

  • Fixed a bug preventing aborted transactions from seeing their own writes. #19093

  • Improved performance for some transaction conflicts. #19093

Doc Updates

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