What's New in v1.1-alpha.20170817

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

Aug 17, 2017

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SQL Language Changes

  • New statements PAUSE JOB, RESUME JOB, and CANCEL JOB can be used to control enterprise backup/restore jobs. #17434
  • ARRAY values now support the append (||) and equality (=) operators. #17318
  • New functions array_append(), array_cat(), array_prepend(), array_remove(), array_replace(), array_position(), and array_positions() are now supported. #17331
  • Collated strings are now supported in arrays. #17489
  • Arrays can now be created with the syntax <type> ARRAY in addition to <type>[]. #17455
  • INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE statements now support WHERE clauses. #17435

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • New commands cockroach node decommission and cockroach quit --decommission can be used to permanently and safely remove nodes from a cluster. #17272
  • The cockroach node status command now supports several new flags to return subsets of a node's information. #17555

Admin UI Changes

  • Running jobs (schema changes and enterprise backup/restore) now show their estimated time remaining, instead of estimated total running time. #17559
  • Decommissioned nodes are now reflected in the UI. #17553

Bug Fixes

  • View dependency analysis (which prevents DROP of tables that are used by views) is more accurate for newly-created views. #17310
  • Range splits are no longer allowed in the meta2 range; this limits the scalability of a cluster but prevents certain panics in large clusters. #17565
  • 3DES has been removed from the list of supported TLS cipher suites (it would never be selected because we require TLS 1.2, but it could be reported as a false positive by security scanners). #17237
  • Fixed a panic in destroyed replicas. #17303
  • ALTER TABLE ... SCATTER once again returns information about the affected ranges. #17409
  • Fixed a data race in table leases. #17510
  • Time-travel queries can no longer read tables before they were created. #17378

Performance Improvements

  • The rocksdb.min_wal_sync_interval cluster setting now defaults to zero, improving write performance in most cases. #17601
  • Results are now streamed back to the client as they are produced instead of being buffered. #17019
  • Query processing can now take advantage of on-disk storage, rather than erroring out when the working set of the query is too large to fit in memory. This is turned off by default in this release, but can be enabled by setting the sql.defaults.distsql.tempstorage cluster setting to true.
  • Improved diversity-based rebalancing of replicas. #17570
  • Stats-based rebalancing handles empty stores and ranges better. #17593

Doc Updates

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