What's New in v1.1-alpha.20170713

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

Jul 13, 2017

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Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • The EXPLAIN (DEBUG) command has been removed. It is replaced by SHOW TRACE FOR. #16694

General Changes

  • CockroachDB now uses RocksDB 5.5.1, jemalloc 5.0.1, Snappy 1.1.5, and protobuf 3.3.2. #16852 #16872 #16879 #16909
  • C++ dependencies are now managed via submodules. #16859

SQL Language Changes

  • Additional numeric types INT2, INT8, FLOAT4, and FLOAT8 are now supported. #16720
  • The new SHOW JOBS statement can show the state of backups, restores, and schema changes. #16733
  • The new DISCARD ALL statement can be used to reset all session state. #16746
  • The new node_id session variable contains the ID of the gateway node. #16703
  • The new trace.zipkin.collector cluster setting can now be used to report trace data to Zipkin. #16903
  • The SHOW CREATE TABLE statement and similar introspection mechanisms now remember more precise type information, such as whether the column was created as INT8 or INT64. #16548
  • It is now possible to query information_schema or pg_catalog for other databases. #16760
  • ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT is now accepted at any time. #16846
  • Improved type inference for ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE clauses. #16910

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • Colored log output is now used on more terminal types. #16710
  • The SQL shell prints the client and server version number at startup. #16703
  • Improved handling of multi-line transactions. #16848

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a consistency problem that could result when a transaction commit races with a lease transfer. #16759
  • Fixed a name escaping bug in SHOW CREATE TABLE and view definitions. #16782 #16815
  • Casting a string to regtype now uses the full type parser. #16774
  • Unary operators (+, -, and ~) are formatted without a space. #16658
  • Improved garbage collection of removed replicas. #16752
  • Fixed an ignored error return. #13607
  • Fixed incorrect rewrites of long statements in the SQL history. #16714
  • Improved error handling in node liveness updates. #16698
  • Added support for NULL columns in UNION. #16757
  • Improved error message for TransactionStatusError. #16725
  • Improved truncation of unicode SQL strings. #16805
  • Fixed a panic when an invalid SAVEPOINT name is used. #16834
  • A failed BEGIN statement no longer leaves the connection in a broken state. #16863
  • The SHOW CREATE TABLE statement no longer omits indexes that are used in foreign keys. #16861

Performance Improvements

  • Increased the GRPC message size limit. #16685
  • Improved efficiency of non-incremental backups. #16690
  • Improved performance of incremental backups #16743
  • Reverted a replica balancing change that led to thrashing. #16772
  • Replica balancing avoids removing a replica that is a necessary part of the latest quorum. #16539
  • Improved performance of queries run under SHOW. #16782
  • Table IDs are now generated non-transactionally, reducing the likelihood of transaction retry errors during table creation. #16704
  • Improve performance of the timestamp cache. #16801
  • Reduced mutex contention. #16798 #16807 #16822 #16877 #16896
  • The first statement of a transaction is now retried automatically instead of returning transaction retry errors. #16719
  • Reduced log spam. #16900 #16917
  • Reduced write amplification, improving write performance by 5%. #16905
  • Increased write buffer size. #16929

Doc Updates

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