This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Please use one of these supported versions.

Jun 22, 2017

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General Changes

  • Building from the source repo now works when $GOPATH is unset. #16364
  • CockroachDB now uses dep instead of glide to manage Go dependencies. #16275
  • gRPC has been updated to version 1.4.0. #16496
  • The APD library has been updated, improving performance of DECIMAL operations. #16520

SQL Language Changes

  • New SHOW SESSIONS and SHOW QUERIES statements display active sessions and queries on a node or cluster. #16072
  • The DROP USER statement is now supported. #16442
  • The BEGIN statement now accepts the READ WRITE modifier for compatibility with the Go lib/pq driver. #16387
  • The pg_catalog.pg_table_is_visible() function is now implemented, improving compatibility with several ORMs. #16410
  • A new session-based tracing interface is available with SET TRACE=(ON|OFF) and SELECT * from crdb_internal.session_trace. #16253
  • The beginning and end of schema changes are now recorded in the crdb_internal.jobs table. #15936
  • SET "time zone" is now recognized as equivalent to SET TIME ZONE. #16459
  • SET client_encoding='unicode' is now recognized as equivalent to UTF-8. #16511

Admin UI Changes

  • All pages under /debug/ are now controlled by the server.remote_debugging.mode setting. #16341
  • Several debug pages now work even when the system config is unavailable. #16423
  • Crash reports no longer include hostnames. #16332

Bug Fixes

  • Backup URLs are now sanitized before being written to the system jobs table. #16370
  • Improved the ability of the system to recover when all nodes are stopped at once, then all but one are restarted. #16347
  • Outer joins no longer incorrectly return extra rows when there are multiple rows with the same value in the joined columns. #16372
  • RESTORE no longer attempts to split at invalid keys. #16375
  • Fixed a panic with message indexed var linked to different container. #16434
  • Fixed quota pool no longer in use errors when leadership and the range lease are not co-located. #16413
  • Improved error handling in the COPY FROM command. #16393
  • Casting a string to regtype now uses the full type parser. #16476
  • Some fatal errors now kill the process immediately instead of unwinding the stack and allowing new errors to occur and mask the original failure. #16482
  • The system will try to avoid replicating to unstable two-replica configurations unless a third candidate is also available. #16411
  • Fixed a panic in the timestamp cache. #16503

Performance Improvements

  • Adjusted timeouts used in internal retry loops. #16357
  • Reduced some redundant logging. #16358
  • Improved performance under high-contention workloads. #16256
  • Reduced command queue overhead in read-heavy workloads. #16360
  • Prepared statements are now included in memory accounting. #16433 #16470
  • Snappy compression is now enabled by default for inter-node communication. #16432 #16451
  • The GC queue now works in smaller chunks. #16299
  • Smoothed statistics used in rebalancing. #16464
  • Improved performance of the distSQL row fetcher. #16446 #16467
  • OpenTracing spans are now identified by name instead of file:lineno. #16397
  • Read-only batches now reuse iterators when possible. #16406
  • The hash joiner now looks ahead on both streams to see if one of them is very small. #16402

Doc Updates

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