What's New in v1.1-alpha.20170608

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

Jun 8, 2017

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General Changes

  • CockroachDB now uses Go 1.8.3 (fixing a security issue when elliptic curve certificates are used, as well as a panic). #16133

SQL Language Changes

  • The UUID type is now supported. #15930
  • New SHOW BACKUP statement displays metadata about a backup. #16186
  • The USE statement is now recognized as an alias for SET DATABASE =. #16293
  • The SET NAMES 'utf8' statement is now recognized as an alias for SET client_encoding 'utf8'. Encodings other than UTF-8 are still not supported. #16305
  • ALTER TABLE...ADD FOREIGN KEY no longer attempts to create an index on the source table. #16175
  • Fixed decoding of very large DECIMAL values. #16152
  • If a prepared statement is invalidated by a schema change, it now returns an error instead of an incorrect result. #16089
  • INT2VECTOR is now zero-indexed. #16289
  • Timestamp parsing is now consistent between prepared and non-prepared statements. #16049
  • The ANSI SQL syntax FETCH FIRST N ROWS ONLY is now supported as an alias for LIMIT. #16114
  • Foreign key constraint errors now return the same error code as PostgreSQL. #16319

Admin Interface Changes

  • The cockroach cert list command now lists the number of certificates in the CA cert file. #16101
  • All pages under the /debug/ namespace are now guarded by the server.remote_debugging.mode setting. #16238
  • The new trace.debug.enable cluster setting controls the collection of tracing data for the /debug/requests pages. The setting trace.lightstep.token can be used to send tracing data to LightStep. #16265
  • The sample monitoring configs now include alerts about certificate expiration. #16329

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs with the OFFSET clause, including incorrect results and a panic when it is used without a LIMIT. #16109
  • Fixed the behavior of LIMIT in index joins. #16339
  • Fixed the behavior of DISTINCT with omitted columns. #16307
  • Dropping a table with a self-referential foreign key no longer results in broken fk backward reference errors. #16316
  • The replica allocator will no longer remove replicas from a down node if there are no live nodes to receive them. #16139
  • Improved tracking of memory allocated by SQL functions. #15402
  • Improved thread safety of tracing. #16114
  • Reverted a change to lease durations from v1.1-alpha.20170601. #16148
  • Fixed an RPC retry that could result in statements being applied twice. #16181
  • ConditionalPut failures during initial migrations are now handled gracefully. #16224
  • Fixed a span used after call to Finish panic during shutdown. #16277

Performance Improvements

  • Introduced flow control for raft proposals. Slow replicas now apply backpressure instead of allowing the raft log to grow too large. #15802
  • Improved performance of MVCC garbage collection. #16129 #16166 #16210
  • Reduced unhelpful retries of slow commands. #16205
  • Improved performance of RESTORE. #16077 #15946 #16140
  • Improved efficiency of SQL planning. #16040

Doc Updates

  • Added a guide for new contributors submitting their first PR. #16078
  • Added a codelab guiding a new contributor through the process of adding a SQL function. #16259
  • Added an FAQ about CockroachDB's default diagnostics reporting. #1514
  • Clarified that when ORDER BY is not included in a SELECT query, rows are not sorted by any consistent criteria. #1526
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