This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Please use one of these supported versions.

Jun 1, 2017

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General Changes

  • CockroachDB now uses RocksDB 5.3.4 (#15696), protobuf 3.3.0 (#15522), and a newer version of gRPC (#15991)
  • Non-release binaries no longer send crash reports. #15823
  • Some make targets have changed to follow convention. make by default now builds the binary without running tests. make install defaults to /usr/local/bin/ instead of $GOPATH/bin (use make install prefix=/path/ to change). make check is now an alias for make test; the former make check is now called make lint. #15909 #16030
  • The Kubernetes templates now use the latest production release instead of tracking testing releases. #15878

SQL Language Changes

  • The information_schema.user_privileges table is now supported. #15745
  • The ON UPDATE RESTRICT and ON DELETE RESTRICT modifiers can now be used when creating foreign keys (this behavior is the default, but now it can be specified explicitly). #15815
  • The hash functions sha512(), fnv32(), fnv32a(), fnv64(), fnv64a(), crc32ieee(), and crc32c() are now supported. All hash functions now accept multiple arguments and arguments of type BYTES. #15828 #15859
  • Casts to type DECIMAL now respect specified precision and scale. #15834
  • A new aggregate function xor_agg() is now available. #15831
  • Schema change commands now wait until the schema change is complete instead of starting it in the background. #15598
  • It is now possible to SELECT from the result of a SHOW statement with the syntax SELECT ... FROM [ SHOW ... ] WHERE ... #15590
  • It is now possible to CREATE a table and ALTER (or DROP) it in the same transaction. #15929
  • The standard SQL syntax FETCH FIRST N ROWS ONLY is now supported as an alias for LIMIT. #16083

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • A raw mode has been added to the SQL shell's display_format options. #15590
  • cockroach zone set with an incomplete config for the special system ranges now merges the given config with the default instead of using zeros. #16048
  • Commands that create certificates will fail if asked to create a certificate that would expire after the corresponding CA. #16055
  • The default duration of client and node certificates is now 5 years. #16055

Admin UI Changes

  • The log viewer now shows more than just the first line of multi-line log entries. #15949
  • A new query plan inspector is available at /queryplan. #15908
  • Metrics are now reported about certificate expiration. #16045

Bug Fixes

  • MAX(bool) and MIN(bool) no longer panic. #15803
  • SHOW GRANTS * on an empty database now works correctly. #15881
  • Fixed a data race involving transaction records. #15882
  • DECIMAL types now report the correct precision and scale for compatibility with JDBC. #15927
  • Fixed a panic when a removed replica attempts to get the range lease. #15754

Performance Improvements

  • Raft logs are now cleaned up more aggressively when large commands (such as RESTORE) are used. #15799
  • Reduced allocations when working with DECIMAL values. #15829
  • Reduced lock contention during command evaluation. #15935
  • Reduced lease durations to improve responsiveness to node failures. #15331
  • Improved performance of queries that combine aggregate functions and WHERE clauses, such as SELECT MAX(age) FROM customers WHERE name >= 'Albert' AND name <= 'Bernie'. #13194

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