Unsupported Features in CockroachDB Serverless

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CockroachDB Serverless is a managed multi-tenant deployment of CockroachDB that automatically scales up and down based on the load on the cluster. CockroachDB Serverless works with almost all workloads that CockroachDB supports, but there are feature differences between CockroachDB Self-Hosted or CockroachDB Dedicated clusters and CockroachDB Serverless clusters. This topic describes the features that are either unsupported or partially supported in CockroachDB Serverless clusters. Cockroach Labs intends to eliminate these feature gaps in future releases of CockroachDB Serverless.

Change data capture

You can't collect metrics per changefeed.

You can't configure alerts on changefeeds.


CockroachDB Serverless clusters only support automated full backups. Automated incremental and revision history backups are not supported. However, you can take manual incremental and revision history backups to your own storage location.

Automated database and table level backups are not supported in CockroachDB Serverless. However, you can take manual database and table level backups to your own storage location.

Both CockroachDB Serverless and CockroachDB Dedicated clusters do not support automated locality-aware backups. However, you can take manual locality-aware backups to your own cloud storage location.


CockroachDB Serverless clusters operate with a different architecture compared to CockroachDB Self-Hosted and CockroachDB Dedicated clusters. These architectural differences have implications for how locality-aware backups can run. Serverless clusters will scale resources depending on whether they are actively in use, which means that it is less likely to have a SQL pod available in every locality. As a result, your Serverless cluster may not have a SQL pod in the locality where the data resides, which can lead to the cluster uploading that data to a storage bucket in a locality where you do have active SQL pods. You should consider this as you plan a backup strategy that must comply with data domiciling requirements.

Adding and removing regions

You cannot currently edit an existing CockroachDB Serverless to add or remove regions after it has been created. Instead you can back up and restore your data into a new CockroachDB Serverless cluster with the desired region configuration.

Range management

The ALTER TABLE ... SPLIT AT and ALTER RANGE ... RELOCATE statements are not supported in CockroachDB Serverless.

Self service upgrades

CockroachDB Serverless is a fully managed multi-tenant deployment of CockroachDB. Major and patch upgrades of CockroachDB are handled by Cockroach Labs, and can't be initiated by users.

Monitoring workloads and cluster health

The DB Console is not supported in CockroachDB Serverless. The CockroachDB Cloud Console provides metrics and graphs to monitor the health, performance, and state of your cluster.

The Cloud Console provides a subset of observability information from the DB Console including SQL Metrics, SQL Activity, Jobs, and Databases information. The Cloud Console does not include information from the following DB Console pages:

  • Non-SQL metrics
  • Network Latency
  • Hot ranges
  • Advanced Debug

The Cloud Console also does not currently provide the following features available in the DB Console:

CockroachDB Serverless clusters do not expose Prometheus endpoints.

Audit logs

There is no self-service way of accessing audit logs for CockroachDB Serverless clusters. If you are running production workloads and need access to audit logs, contact Cockroach Labs Support.


Cluster storage for CockroachDB Serverless is encrypted at rest by the cloud provider. Customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) are not supported in CockroachDB Serverless. CMEK is available only in CockroachDB Dedicated advanced.

Network security

Private clusters, compliance with PCI DSS, and compliance with HIPAA are not supported in Serverless. These features are available only in CockroachDB Dedicated advanced.

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