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Get Started with CockroachDB

Get Started with CockroachCloud Today


CockroachCloud is the simplest way to run CockroachDB. It’s available on AWS and Google Cloud. Get a distributedSQL database now!


Deploy a cluster in a few clicks, and leave management to us


Clusters are single-tenant and come with enterprise-grade security


Ensure your application is always on with a resilient database


Point your app to a connection string and just add nodes to scale

Try CockroachDB Enterprise
free for 30 days

Cockroach Enterprise

Give your applications a resilient, consistent distributed SQL database. CockroachDB Enterprise includes all of our core capabilities, plus:

Enterprise-grade features

  • Geo-partitioning
  • Distributed backup/restore
  • Distributed change data capture
  • And more

Enterprise support

Get dedicated access to our world-class support team

Customer success manager

Receive technical guidance from CockroachDB experts

CockroachDB Core
for free


CockroachDB Core

Give your applications a resilient, consistent distributedSQL database. CockroachDB Core is open source.

Easy to get started

Download the binary, spin up a cluster, and get to work


Talk to our staff on our community Slack, forum, or Github

Open source

Go straight to the code—and contribute if you like

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