How Shipt built a distributed payment system on CockroachDB | Webinar image

How Shipt built a distributed payment system on CockroachDB | Webinar

Published Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021

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Shipt operates across 270+ major metro cities throughout the U.S., partnering with retailers like Target (its parent company), Costco, BestBuy, CVS, Kroger, and Petco to get groceries and household essentials in the hands of customers that same day.

When it was time to build a new payment service, correctness was a top priority for Shipt since they couldn’t have a system that caused anomalies such as lost payments, double payments, undercharges, or overcharges.  

David Templin from Shipt will join us to talk about his real-world experience with building a distributed payment system on CockroachDB Dedicated and their plans for the future. 

Additionally, we’ll cover topics such as:

  • Designing for correctness (it’s hard!)
  • Why idempotency is crucial for payments
  • Benefits of deploying across multiple clouds and regions

This session will be around 30-45 minutes long. As always, we want it to be an active discussion and we look forward to your participation… bring questions!


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
VP of Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs
David Templin
David Templin
Senior Software Engineer


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