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As of November 12, 2021, CockroachDB v20.1 is no longer supported. For more details, refer to the Release Support Policy.

On a secure cluster, this area of the Admin UI can only be accessed by an admin user. See Admin UI access.

The Databases page of the Admin UI provides details of the following:

  • The databases configured.
  • The tables in each database.
  • The grants assigned to each user.

To view this page, access the Admin UI and click Databases in the left-hand navigation.

Tables view

The Tables view shows details of the system table as well as the tables in your databases.

To view table details, click on a table name.

CockroachDB Admin UI Database Tables View

The following are displayed for each table:

Parameter Description
Table Name The name of the table.
Size Approximate disk size of all replicas of this table on the cluster.
Ranges The number of ranges in the table.
# of Columns The number of columns in the table.
# of Indices The number of indices for the table.

Table details

Click any table name in Tables view to display details for that table.

CockroachDB Admin UI Database Tables View

  • Overview displays the SQL statements used to create and define the table, as well as partitioning info and zone configurations. In addition, the following metrics are displayed:
    • Size is the approximate disk size of all replicas of this table on the cluster.
    • Ranges is the number of ranges in this table.
    • Replicas is the number of replicas of this table on the cluster.
  • Grants displays the grants associated with the table.

Grants view

The Grants view shows the privileges granted to users for each database.

For more details about grants and privileges, see GRANT <privileges>.

CockroachDB Admin UI Database Grants View

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