This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Please use one of these supported versions.

Sep 28, 2017

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Build Changes

  • The release docker images now use Debian 8.9 (instead of 8.7) #18755

SQL Language Changes

  • The IMPORT command is now considered an experimental feature and must be enabled before use with the cluster setting experimental.importcsv.enabled. #18753
  • The cluster settings beginning with sql.defaults.distsql.tempstorage have been renamed to begin with sql.distsql.temp_storage. #18487
  • The new sql.distsql.temp_storage.workmem cluster setting sets the memory threshold at which a DistSQL processor falls back to on-disk storage. Defaults to 64MiB. #18487
  • The SHOW JOBS statement no longer shows numeric descriptor IDs. #18797

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • The new --max-disk-temp-storage flag for the cockroach start command controls how much disk space can be used for temporary storage. #18761
  • The cockroach load csv command now increases its soft limit on the number of open file descriptors when possible. #18678
  • The cockroach init command now provides a better error message when run on an already-initialized cluster. #18548

Admin UI Changes

  • Reduced false positives when marking nodes as "suspect". #18563
  • The Jobs page can now be limited to import jobs. #18615
  • The Keys Written per Second per Store graph on the Replication dashboard is now accurate. #18800
  • Fixed the display of the number of indexes per table. #18769

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which queries using DISTINCT or GROUP BY could return incorrect results. #18727
  • After some results have been streamed to the client, queries are no longer auto-retried. #18515 #18569
  • Tables with no columns now work correctly. #18532
  • The cockroach dump command now supports values of type UUID. #18543
  • The distributed SQL engine now avoids scheduling work on nodes running version 1.0.x in a mixed-version cluster. #18546
  • The distributed SQL engine no longer attempts to schedule work on decommissioned nodes. #18698
  • The TRUNCATE statement now works correctly on tables in the middle of a schema change (the schema change finishes immediately on the now-empty table). #18549
  • Fixed a panic in tableState.findForTimestamp #18557
  • Fixed a bug in which importing a CSV would fail to report unique constraint violations. #18563
  • Fixed a bug when importing a CSV into a table with multiple column families. #18563
  • SHOW TRACE now works correctly when ipv6 is used. #18567
  • Foreign key checks are now included in SHOW KV TRACE. #18568
  • Fixed the display of version numbers. #18562
  • Improved tracing of range lookups #18613
  • Fixed an overflow check in key decoding. #18639
  • Fixed a trace use-after-finish panic. #18645
  • Fixed a panic in disk_row_container. #18685
  • Improved some error reporting. #18708
  • Fixed zone config problems after dropping or truncating a table. #18781
  • SHOW CLUSTER QUERIES and SHOW CLUSTER SESSIONS no longer panic when a node is down. #18802
  • Fixed a bug with queries using COUNT(*) and tables containing multiple column families. #18805

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance of foreign key checks. #18597
  • Table leases are now refreshed asynchronously when near expiration. #18824
  • Improved performance of COUNT(*) queries. #18524
  • Reduced some noisy log messages. #18589
  • Distributed CSV import is now aware of the target range size. #18634
  • The GC queue now gives up earlier after a timeout. #18672
  • The distributed SQL engine now supports array values. #18792
  • Improved load-based lease rebalancing for distributed SQL queries. #18794

Doc Updates

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