This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Please use one of these supported versions.

Aug 3, 2017

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Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • Table and column names in double quotes are now case-sensitive (same as in PostgreSQL). #16884
  • The SHOW SESSION TRACE statement is now SHOW TRACE FOR SESSION. The SET/SHOW TRACE statements are now SET/SHOW TRACING. #17033
  • It is no longer possible to drop columns in tables depended on by views. This is an overly-broad change to avoid schema changes that might break views; it will be narrowed in the future. #17280

Build Changes

  • It is now possible to build CockroachDB Enterprise Edition for Windows. #17035
  • make help in a source checkout now prints documentation for the available build targets. #17056
  • CockroachDB now uses gRPC version 1.5.0. #17166

SQL Language Changes

  • New statement CANCEL QUERY can be used to cancel a query in progress. #17003
  • A limited form of one-dimensional ARRAY columns are now supported. #16764 #17231
  • OUTER JOIN statements now use the distributed SQL execution engine. #17017
  • Some new syntactic forms for table references with aliases are now supported. #17031
  • Strings within arrays are now formatted consistently with PostgreSQL. #17069
  • Transactions can now see their own changes to table schemas. #16988
  • RETURNING clauses now accept fully-qualified table names. #17293
  • Improved handling of null as a function argument. #17264

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • A new cockroach init command can be used in place of starting one node without the --join flag. #16371

Bug Fixes

  • We removed a behavior causing statements in the first batch of a transaction to essentially defer their retryable errors until COMMIT; now, instead, we automatically retry statements in the first batch. As a result, fewer retryable errors should be encountered by COMMIT. #16874
  • Fixed a race condition that could lead to serializability violations when requests race with a lease transfer. #17109
  • Fixed a potential raft election issue during range splits. #17051
  • Fixed a use-after-close for parallelized statements. #17126
  • Fixed some panics in ORDER BY INDEX. #17314

Performance Improvements

  • The TRUNCATE statement now works by renaming the table and asynchronously garbage collecting the data, so it is much faster but no longer transactional (similar to PostgreSQL). #17045
  • Fixed a memory leak in the HTTP layer. #17080
  • Raft log truncations are now more efficient. #16993
  • Fixed a regression that caused a node to talk to itself over the network. #17196
  • Improved networking efficiency when tracing is disabled. #17185
  • Reduced redundant trace messages. #17182
  • Added a fast path for committing read-only transactions. #17128
  • Memory footprints of various internal structures have been reduced. #17089 #17106 #17138 #17137 #17152
  • Table descriptors are now passed by reference instead of value. #17100

Doc Updates

  • New RFCs: web session authentication (#16829), buffering hash router (#17105
  • Corrected information about how TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE works. Previous versions incorrectly said that they stored timestamps; they do not. Instead they simply display timestamps in the client's session time zone.
  • CockroachDB in Comparison was redesigned.

Enterprise Edition Changes

  • Replayed commands during a RESTORE are now more efficient. #17079
  • Backup jobs now checkpoint their progress every minutes. #17070
  • Streamlined concurrency of RESTORE operations, removing most tunable constants. #17163
  • RESTORE now rate-limits its disk I/O, reducing its impact on other traffic and improving performance on cloud platforms that throttle disk access. #17239
  • The enterprise.enabled setting has been removed. #17224

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