What's New in v1.1-alpha.20170629

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

Jun 29, 2017

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Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • If the server's own hostname cannot be resolved, CockroachDB reports an error at startup instead of starting a node that will be unable to participate in a cluster. Local test clusters may need to pass --host=localhost to avoid this error. #16177
  • The EXPLAIN (TRACE) statement has been removed because the query being traced would unintentionally get executed. It has been replaced by SHOW TRACE FOR ..., so that the EXPLAIN commands can remain read-only. #16524

Known Limitations

  • This release has a regression in replica balancing. #16742

SQL Language Changes

  • The new SHOW SESSION TRACE statement can be used to view trace data collected with the SET TRACE=on|off statement introduced in a previous alpha. #16524
  • The new SHOW KV TRACE FOR ... or SET trace=on,kv; ...; SHOW SESSION KV TRACE statements can be used to trace KV operations. #16622
  • Schema changes now report their progress in the jobs table. #16636
  • The PREPARE statement and SELECT ... FROM [...] syntax now accept any statement that can be EXPLAINed. #16524
  • The statement SET datestyle='ISO' is now supported for compatibility with PostgreSQL clients. Values other than ISO are not supported. #16557

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • The cockroach sql command now tracks the current database and will restore it when a connection must be recreated. #16589

Admin Interface Changes

  • The /health endpoint can now be accessed over HTTP even when the server is configured for secure mode. This works around limitations of some load balancers. #16609

Bug Fixes

  • The admin UI no longer intermittently gets stuck until the server is restarted. #16612
  • The GC threshold is now copied when ranges split. #16485
  • The IN operator now works with tuples of OIDs. #16644
  • The SHOW {QUERIES,SESSIONS} statement no longer produces invalid UTF-8 when truncating strings. #16602

Performance Improvements

  • The intent resolver now works in smaller batches, reducing memory spikes after large transactions. #16632
  • MVCC garbage collection now works in smaller batches, avoiding problems with refreshing leases. #16637
  • Added a special case for COUNT(*) in the distributed SQL engine. #16533
  • Reduced overhead of session tracking. #16543
  • Limited the number of intents printed in logs and traces. #16560
  • Reduced allocations when tracing is not enabled. #16545
  • Load balancing is now based on data size instead of range count. #16575

New RFCs

Doc Updates

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